21 Fun Facts about Barbados

The Bottom Bay with palm trees near Bougainvillea Barbados
  1. Barbados is named after a tree. When the Portuguese first discovered the island in 1536 the Bearded Fig Tree was found all over the island. “Los Barbados” is Portuguese for “The Bearded One.”

  2. Bim or Bimshire is Barbados’ nickname.

  3. Barbados has over 80 stunning, white sand beaches along its coasts. Some of which are named the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

  4. Tap water in Barbados is very safe to consume directly from the faucet. The drinking water quality in Barbados is one of the best in the Caribbean as we are a coral rock based island which naturally filters the water.

  5. The mischievous Green Monkey which is originally native to West Africa, can be found on the island. They were brought to Barbados by European slave ships in the 17th century and have since flourished on the island.

  6. Barbados is the birthplace of rum and home to Mount Gay Rum. Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum brand in the world dating back to 1703. Today the rum is exported to 110 countries in the world. You can tour the Distillery and do Rum Tastings. Learn More.

  7. Harrison’s Cave is a massive stream cave system that is approximately 2.3 kilometres long located in the central uplands of the island. It’s one of the island’s most mesmerising natural attractions with large crystalised, limestone towers, rushing streams, many pools of crystal clear.

  8. Barbados’ flag is full of symbolism. The ultramarine blue on the flag represents the ocean and sky, and the gold-yellow panel represents the sandy beaches of the island. The broken trident represents the country breaking free from its status as a colony.

  9. Crop Over is Barbados’ largest Festival dating back to the 1780’s. Crop Over is a six week festival which honors the end of the Sugar Cane Season and culminates on Grand Kadooment Day with masquerade bands of revelers dressed in colourful costumes adorned with sequins, feathers and jewels.

  10. Barbados has an average temperature of 28 degrees year-round.

  11. The people of Barbados are officially called Barbadians, but more commonly known as Bajans (BAY-juns).

  12. The National Sport of Barbados is Cricket.

  13. Barbados is the 13th smallest country in the world.

  14. The island’s capital city, Bridgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  15. Barbados is known for its exquisite local cuisine and world renowned chefs making it the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. 

  16. Barbados is the birthplace of billionaire superstar Rihanna. Barbados named the street that Rihanna grew up on after her – “Rihanna Drive”.

  17. The National Dish of Barbados is Cou Cou and Flying Fish.

  18. Barbados is a very popular location for destination weddings. There is no minimum waiting period for getting married in Barbados, nor is there a minimum required length of time on the island. Learn More.

  19. Barbados is home to the Nidhe Israel Synagogue which is the oldest Jewish Synagogue, in the Americas dating back to 1654.

  20. The Leatherback Turtle and Hawksbill Turtle which is an endangered species, nests on the beaches of Barbados from February to July and April to November respectively.

  21.  The Soup Bowl which is located in the parish of St. Joseph, is the best surfing spot on the island perfect for both professional, experienced surfers and beginners.