Sporting Activities

Group of Kids racing go karts near Bougainvillea Barbados
Golf course of Barbados Golf Club near Bougainvillea Barbados
Horse racing at Garrison Savannah near Bougainvillea Barbados

Horse racing at the Garrison Savannah - Along with being the home of many historical places, the Garrison Savannah is also the home of the historic sport of kings, horse racing. The races are vibrant events, full of colour and character and fanfare and are usually held on Saturdays.

Golf - Barbados is home to many golf courses, like the nearby Barbados Golf Club in Durants, and the ultra exclusive Sandy Lane, one of Tiger Woods’ favourite courses. Contact concierge for preferential rates at Barbados Golf Club.

Triathlons - The island hosts triathlons and triathlon type events a few times per year. No matter your level of fitness there is an event for you, from the Duathlon - riding and running, to the Try-a-Tri, where you can bring a team of 3 and each member would complete one leg or you can step it up and do a compete in the full triathlon.

Motor Racing at Bushy Park - Bushy Park Barbados is the leading circuit-racing facility in the English-speaking Caribbean, designed and built to host a wide range of activities. In addition to the International (2.01 kilometre) and National (1.28km) Circuits, there are multiple kart racing layouts, a rallycross track and a one-eighth-of-a-mile drag strip. Get behind the wheel yourself with one of the Driving Experiences at Bushy Park. From karting to race cars, Bushy Park is everyone’s speed.

Cricket - Barbados is the Mecca of cricket. You can be sure that there will always be a matching played somewhere - whether at the world-famous Kensington Oval or one of the dozens of cricket grounds scattered throughout the island. Enjoy the unbeatable atmosphere of our cricket matches and experience the thrill of the Caribbean’s national sport in its glorious home setting.