Outdoor swimming area with pool beds at Bougainvillea Barbados

Barbados Insider Tips

We at Bougainvillea Barbados have put together a list of tips to help you experience the island like a true local – including advice on the area’s best shopping and nightlife, as well as attractions that are off the beaten track. If you’d like more suggestions on things to do, just ask us. We’d be happy to help!

Dining area arranged of Calabash Cafe at Bougainvillea Barbados


One of the best things about Bougainvillea is the flexibility you have to holiday your way. You can dine at our beachside restaurant, prepare a quick meal in the comfort of your room or explore the amazing restaurants that Barbados has to offer. Aside from our Calabash Beach Bistro, we highly recommend Deia Beach, one of Barbados' newest restaurants that's right next door.  


You can save on delicious beachside breakfasts by booking in advance. There’s a 10% discount if you pre-book for 3 days or more. Meal plan savings are also offered on packages including lunch and/or dinner.


There is a convenient grocery delivery service available. If you would like to pre-stock your room with your favourites or the essentials, just contact the Concierge.


Bougainvillea’s beach is a popular turtle nesting site. One of the most amazing natural experiences you can have in Barbados is to witness the nesting or hatching of hawksbill turtles. Bougainvillea is committed to helping to protect the endangered Hawksbill turtles so if you see them on the beach, be sure to: (1) let us know so that we can call the Barbados Sea Turtle Project (2) If there are hatchlings, help us to collect and safely store them until the Barbados Sea Turtle volunteers arrive. (3) Don’t shine light on them or take flash photography – it confuses them and they really don’t like it very much.

Aerial view of the tropical beach near Bougainvillea Barbados


Barbados is only 21 miles long x 14 miles wide and there is so much to see and do! If you are adventurous, consider hiring a car and exploring at your own pace. Just remember that driving is done on the left...period. You can get a visitor’s driving permit from the Licensing Authority or through your preferred car rental company for a nominal fee.


Another great option for exploring is public transport. Buses are easy to use and cost just USD 1.75 or BDS 3.50 per trip. Having exact change is recommended and the nearest bus stop is just a short 2 – 3 minute walk from the hotel.


Speaking of public transport, pay attention to the bus pole signs. Bus poles say either ‘Bus to City’ or ‘Bus Out of City. If you’re lost, (which isn’t the worst thing in Barbados) follow the bus signs to Bridgetown and you’ll be fine.

A couple enjoying the beach view near Bougainvillea Barbados


For easy day-time access to St. Lawrence Gap, just walk to the end of the beach (westerly direction)! Follow the pathway over the groyne and then turn right – there is a pathway right next to one of our neighbouring hotels that will lead you to Dover. Turn left and keep walking right into St. Lawrence Gap (approximately 15 minutes).


Drink the tap water - it’s some of the cleanest and safest water in the world.


Don’t do drugs - Barbados has strict drug laws and it is not advisable to partake in recreational use whilst on the island no matter how tempting or available it may be while sitting under that palm tree.


Unless you’re in the military, camouflage in any form is illegal and can result in fines up to USD 5000.


Bring your workout clothes, aside from Bougainvillea having arguably the best hotel gym on the island, Barbados has a wide range of outdoor activities to keep you in shape. From running and bike tours to hikes, adventure races and beachside yoga, staying fit on the island feels more like play than working out.

Woman working out in a Fitness Center at Bougainvillea Barbados


Don’t miss the racehorses bathing in the sea at Pebbles Beach. You have to be early to see this remarkable sight, which occurs every morning between 6 am and 7am.


Barbadians (Bajans) are very friendly and polite and will more often than not say hello to complete strangers when passing, so don’t be shy, just say hello back!


Barbados is one of the safest places you can visit, but remember to be as mindful of your surroundings and belongings as you would when travelling to any unfamiliar place anywhere else in the world.